Online News And Newspapers Of Bhilai For Daily Reading

Most of us keep searching about the latest and daily local news about Bhilai on Internet. Very often we are lost searching with the search engines. This is an effort to compile all the website that provide separate section for Bhilai news. If you have more information about the website providing Bhilai News then feel free to post them below, we will update the below list:

(1) Dainik Bhaskar in Hindi Bhilai-Durg News. Dainik Bhaskar also provides epaper which is the print edition on Internet however the Bhilai-Durg News section is not available.

(2) HariBhoomi provides Internet newspaper as Hari Bhoomi epaper here. Hari Bhoomi’s Internet News section on its website related to Bhilai news here.

Read Bhilai News On Nai Dunia Newspaper



(3) Nai Dunia is a Hindi Newspaper which provides only epaper on Internet with access to Bhilai-Durg News. It is really exciting to see the same news paper on Internet as your friends and relatives read in Bhilai.



(4) DeshBandhu is one of the oldest newspaper in Bhilai. News related to Bhilai can be read on the special section here:  Bhilai-Durg दुर्ग-भिलाई news and only Bhilai भिलाई news here.


(5) Patrika provides Internet newspaper as Bhilai edition epaper here. Patrika’s Internet News section on its website related to Bhilai Nagar news here and Bhilai-Durg news here.


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